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About Long Island

Long Island is a vast, densely populated island located east of New York City, extending southward from New York City in a curved southern position. Along its shore are several pristine beaches, including Jones Beach State Park and Fire Island; Montauk Point State Park; and, on its southern tip, a luxury estate, Hamptons, filled with expensive homes and elegant shopping arcades. The island's middle section, home to many of Long Island's larger cities and towns, has a large variety of restaurants, art galleries, boutiques and clubs, along with numerous parks and public open-air amusement parks. Its eastern coast features two major airports with two major Long Island ferry crossings. Some Long Island attractions worth visiting include Hempstead Memorial Library, Fisherman's Wharf and, of course, Manhattan's Penn Station, a train station with one of the best service rates in the country.

A must-visit for anyone heading north from New York City is Manhattan. Manhattan provides a wonderful view of the ferry services that will get you to Long Island. At the southern tip of Manhattan's island, you'll find a small village called Myrtle Beach. If you're looking for a more cosmopolitan feel and less crowded streets, look no further than South Nyack, Long Island's main city. Other nearby stops include Sayville, Westhampton Beach and Hampton Bays.

When looking for a family holiday, maybe head way out to the mountains. A few families will opt to visit Rhode Island's capital, Providence, which has a great selection of state parks. Other popular destinations include Connecticut's capital, Connecticut's smallest city, Waterbury, and towns like North Eastchester, New York, and Westhampton Beach, Virginia. Summer holidays in Rhode Island are particularly popular with families staying in vacation rentals. The state's largest city, Boston, is only about an hour drive away. If you find yourself in this quintessential American city, you'll be able to visit the world renowned medical college of Harvard University and its affiliated university, while enjoying some of the finest food in the world at restaurants like Babalou Restaurant and The Franklin Mint.

While there are dozens of towns on Long Island, Brooklyn tops the list as the number one place to go for great shopping. You can find designer boutiques, high-end department stores and other treasures of retailing. Brooklyn's Prospect Street is lined with a plethora of clothing shops and boutiques. If you want, you can spend the entire day walking the streets and shopping. If you aren't in the mood to shop, head to a local park in the area or even an amusement park in the Long Island Sound for a bit of relaxation and enjoyment.

Another must see place in Long Island is the East Village, a residential section of Brooklyn that was once part of the former New York City borough of Brooklyn but is now a separate town. Known for its upscale shopping boutiques, East Village is also home to a vibrant community of musicians and artists. This is a great place for the family-friendly vacation that you're after. In addition to shopping in the area, tourists can partake in a series of cultural events in addition to taking in a show at the performing arts center or walking through the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Long Island has plenty to offer to visitors who want to get away from the daily grind and soak up some sun and relaxation. Whether you want to explore what the island has to offer or simply rest for a day or two, Long Island has it for you. You can spend a relaxing day on the pier, take a walk along the ocean, visit a number of the museums and galleries in the area, or take a ride along the ferry that connects NYC to Long Island.

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